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Tier 4 Data Centre- An Overview

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  1. Tier 4 Data Centre- An Overview
    Theres a lot of buzz in the market regarding the existence of a Tier 4 data centre. Some say it’s a boon to have while some just shrug it off as wastage of resources. The battle for this argument will go relentless but the facts always endorse the reliability of a Tier 4 data centre. Businesses across the globe is expanding exponentially and hence the requirements. An entity with high availability, robustness, redundancy, up time , efficiency is the need of the hour and hence the existence of a Tier 4 data centre. Lets peek in some of the analytics and definitions to have a better understanding of a Tier 4 data centre.

    A data centre in the first place provides an environment for running an IT infrastructure in a reliable and secured fashion so that it cuts down operating costs and at the same time boosts overall efficiency. Since

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    the past few decades IT industry is booming and hence there has been a surge in the need of developing standards for measuring IT infra and its topology. There are many methods and standards of rating in the market like Hennesy method, BICSI, TIA but of all the Uptime InstitutesFour Tiered method has been proven to be more apt and reliable.


    Nonetheless, having a higher tier rank definitely means better but at the same time it comes with a cost. The most significant feature of a Tier 4 data centre is its fault tolerace capabilities. In a layman’s tone what it means is that it doesn’t have a single point of failure and hence failure of an element or a component would affect the entire data centre which its predecessors to some extent fail. This means there’s redundancy in power, UPS, backup, upstream networks ,multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment and thus achieving an expected availability of 99.995%.All cooling equipments are independently dual-powered, including chillers and heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. A tier 4 data centre is a considered a necessity for critical businesses applications in industries like finance, e-commerce, healthcare demanding the highest uptime.

    So in a nutshell, as everything comes with a cost in this world and nothing is a freebie, Tier 4 data centres are power hungry but at the same time the advantages cannot be overlooked and makes it a perfect choice for most of the business houses across the seven

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