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Thảo luận trong 'Cloud hosting' bắt đầu bởi JaneneWill, 9/1/17.

  1. JaneneWill

    JaneneWill New Member

    Biogenic Xrs readiness strategy for tests containing large amounts of biogenic and natural matter as for mechanized electron test microanalysis (EPMA) estimations was researched. The natural and biogenic particles were impregnated with a substantial metal (Ru), bringing on an expansion in the normal nuclear number of the molecule. After impregnation, biogenic and natural particles give better complexity in backscattered electron pictures and can be followed via robotized EPMA. Amid the understanding of the outcomes, consideration was centered around the distinctions in the identified plenitudes of natural and biogenic particles and the relative significance of various particles sorts in the impregnated and non-impregnated tests. The outcomes got for molecule measurements bigger than 0.7 µm demonstrate that the technique could be effectively connected to tests with a high commitment of coarse biogenic and natural particles. The impregnation of the particles with a substantial metal outcomes in more proficient discovery of littler particles, which suggests that the molecule measure dissemination can be gotten all the more effectively. A moment advantage of the impregnation technique is the recognition of a bigger number of particles, which has an essential impact on the estimation of the total plenitudes. The evident plenitude of the biogenic and natural particles was obviously higher in the treated specimens.

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